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Application Resources along with Softmark have recently introduced VOS Auditor, a new security and auditing solution for Stratus VOS systems that enables Stratus customers comply with the new Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. It comprises of components such as Security Alert Manager, VOS Encryptor (AES & TDES), Encrypted Tape Backup/Restore, Access Control Manager, VOS Secure Shells and complete Security Violations Reports for audit purposes.
SQL Access
Web Enabled Stratus
Disaster Recovery
Performance Monitor
Terminal Emulators
Alert Manager
Menu System
Universal Data Access
Access Control
VOS Auditor
DBQ is a generic file access system that allows the user to manipulate VOS files via SQL commands. The user can perform queries, update or delete records or fields and create reports from one or more VOS files, without programming. Get more information about DBQ

Universal Data Access with Periscope
Application Resources and Whitecap Applications has jointly developed a way to access your VOS data real time from within the Oracle Database. You can treat VOS files as if they are Oracle Tables. We have achieved this via the development of JDBC driver for DBQ. For more information visit WhiteCap Applications
Web Browser Front End to DBQ
  • Execute Queries & Report from your Web Browser with our HTML delimited output.
  • See the results in your Web Browser
  • Print reports to your local printer
  • Access VOS data from Java application or any other Java Compliant platform with JDBC driver for VOS
Please contact us to arrange a real time demo.
SGI - TCP/IP Gateway for VOS
Connect your VOS applications to the open world of TCP/IP servers. SGI is HTTP 1.0 compliant web server. Develop new GUI applications utilizing your existing investment in Stratus applications and expertise. SGI can be used with ANY existing VOS program that uses queues for input/output. SGI enable the execution of any VOS command from the web browser, send command macros to VOS and review the output in the browser.
Please contact us to arrange a real time demo.
The DRMS - Disaster Recovery Mirroring System mirrors critical data to a remote site allowing rapid and reliable application recovery. Secondary databases at the Recovery site are always identical to the ones at the primary production location. DRMS can mirror data into a remote Stratus/VOS module or any other hardware (IBM, HP, AS400, NT etc.).
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SPS - Application Scheduler & Monitor
The SPS/Application Scheduler-Monitoring a complete, integrated package designed to control and monitor all applications running on the system. The Monitor automates all application startups, shutdowns and recovery procedures based on predefined time schedules. SPS allows complete automation of batch cycles and keeps on-line applications up and running at all times. Single-point control of operations at all application levels minimizes risk of human error and prevents production disasters.
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The SPS/Performance Monitors
The SPS/Performance Monitors address all aspects of system performance: capacity planning, current and historical data reporting, quick on-line troubleshooting and system-level alert handling. SPS monitors help identify which process or application is "killing" the system and resolve potential problems ahead of time to allow more accurate capacity planning.

SPS provides an on-line graphic representation of system's resource consumption. SPS captures and calculates system utilization data based on configurable combinations of groups, users and processes. The product is user-friendly, its reports and graphs are easy to interpret.

The reporting facility allows the user to examine historical data in On-line Playback Mode and to download report files into spreadsheet applications. SPS also features a system wide Analyze System Server process that reduces the overhead associated with the analyze_system subsystem and allows users to extract periodically and log any set of benchmark values. SPS produces alert signals and automatically executes corrective commands when any of the monitored meters exceed the allowed thresholds.
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SPS/VOS Security Shell
The SPS/VOS Security Shell eliminates unrestricted access to VOS and greatly enhances operators' and developers' productivity. Any operator, even with no Stratus experience, can become proficient and operate the system safely. The SPS/Security Shell is an indispensable environment for any mainframe trained personnel.

  • Eliminates the need to register privileged users
  • Allows non-privileged users to execute selected subsets of analyze_system requests and other privileged commands
  • Incorporates the Security Layer shielding the system from unauthorized use
  • Produces a comprehensive audit trail log of all commands executed on the system; records the time and user's identity
  • Keeps track of operator's activity and allows the user to restore and reuse commands and path names used previously during the session
  • Features a standard DES-based file encryption facility
  • Provides process listings (list_users) sorted by CPU utilization, I/O rate, Page faults memory usage and Interrupt rates
  • Interfaces with other SPS tools: SPS/Browser, Tree, Calendar, Disk Space, SPS/Performance
  • Supports user-programmable function keys for frequently used commands
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SPS - Alert Manager
While operating modern sophisticated systems, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to notice and resolve all system and application events as they occur. Applications may produce any number of logs, errors and output files. The operating system alone may generate thousands of messages every day. Often, serious production problems may be prevented if alerts are noticed and responded to in time. The SPS/Alert Manager is designed to solve this common problem. It monitors system elements, reads messages originating from various systems, modules and applications and funnels the information to a single terminal. Message filters assure that only important information is passed to the operator. Critical alerts cannot be ignored; messages will remain posted on the screen until the problem is attended to, acknowledged and given a proper entry by the operator.

  • Captures application messages and system events in real-time and reports critical conditions to the network control center
  • Monitors
    1. Running processes
    2. CPU utilization
    3. Page faults rate
    4. I/O rate
    5. Interrupt level
    6. Available memory
    7. System overhead of individual processes
    8. Communication lines status - DTR,CD, in/out of service
    9. Transaction processing rate
    10. Processing bottlenecks
    11. Application disk I/O distribution
    12. Terminal and device status
    13. Disk space utilization
    14. Application alerts (ON/2, TCAM, others)
    15. File Creation/Arrival events
    16. Any analyze_system meter
    17. User defined
  • Classifies and reports only significant alerts and critical problems based on simple, user-defined filtering rules
  • Automatically executes user-defined recovery procedures and creates a hands-free, self-correcting environment
  • Allows assignment of any number of terminals as system or network consoles
  • Enforces, tracks and reports operator acknowledgments to critical system alerts
  • Sends alert messages to selected terminals
  • Monitors application queuing activity, messages processed, messages pending, queue depth and transaction rate
  • Provides configuration flexibility in supporting a variety of applications, system software, and interaction with other platforms
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The SPS/Menu system organizes applications into concise, professional and user friendly interfaces. Creating menus is a simple procedure; it takes minutes to complete thereby saving time and money and helping meet development deadlines. SPS/Menu requires no FMS work and no programming and therefore does not require any Stratus expertise.

The system greatly enhances system security by adjusting and generating menus on a per-user basis according to the individual's security profile. Furthermore, any item or submenu may be password-protected.

The SPS/Menu System provides complete audit trail logs of all system and operator activities including security violation attempts detailing commands executed, user names and the time of execution.

  • Automatically generates box-type menus with unlimited chains of sub-menus
  • Requires no programming or technical skills
  • Integrates existing applications into professional looking, uniform and consistent interfaces
  • Supports single-key transfers between applications
  • Features the Security Layer and offers additional facilities such as: Browser, Calendar and Disk Space
  • Supports user programmable function keys for frequently used commands
  • Produces a comprehensive audit log of all commands executed, users' identity, date and time of each event
  • Features the IDG layer (Intelligent Document Generator) that translates menu configurations into full-length documents
  • Provides a powerful file and report facility
  • Provides a configurable on-line help facility linking menu items to existing documentation files
  • Reduces dramatically risk of human error, cost of documentation and training expenses
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SPS Access Control Manager
The SPS/Access Control Manager is designed to control, set and monitor all user access to directories, files and programs. The software allows the system administrator to control VOS ACLs/DCLs lists easily from a single focal point to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to data and enhance system security. SPS/Access Control Manager will:
  • Allow the system administrator to classify his own security levels and promote or demote users from one level to another
  • Maintain access rights in a single, easy-to-control configuration file for the entire system
  • Assure that access rights are always up-to-date
  • Incorporate powerful scripts into simple command macros
  • Scan all system directories and report and/or clear any deviation from the standard configuration
  • Work with standard VOS ACLs and DCLs (Access Control Lists/Default Control Lists)
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VOS Auditor
Today's growing networks, new technologies and ever-changing regulations demand robust security solutions that are designed to protect sensitive confidential databases and corporate networks. V-Auditor is a layered suite of software solutions designed to satisfy the most stringent security and auditing requirements. It helps in complying with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standard. It allows multiple levels of customization, including per-user, per-command profiles, full command level password protection, single-point data access control (ACLs) and data encryption.
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VOS-Console is a WEB-based set of practical monitoring utilities for the Stratus VOS environment. An all-new complete WEB-Browser interface to VOS performance data, Alert Management, real-time graphs, reports and more. Managing and monitoring the Stratus/VOS environment has never been easier.
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Windows Terminal Emulator
SCFS-Secure-CRT-for-Stratus Secure Connectivity

In today's security conscious world, it is more important than ever to protect passwords, user accounts, data, and computer systems. SCFS-Secure-CRT-for-Stratus provides security for remote access, file transfer, and data tunneling by combining the open Secure Shell protocol with rock-solid terminal emulation.

SCFS-Secure-CRT-for-Stratus gives you an encrypted SSH session with both SSH1and SSH2 servers. SSH security goes far beyond the basic secure logon, rerouting data or local applications using TCP/IP ports through an encrypted channel.

Using SCFS-Secure-CRT-for-Stratus port forwarding, you can reroute TCP/IP data to an encrypted data channel between a local machine and an SSH server.
  • Supports SSH, Telnet, serial, and other protocols
  • Activator tray utility minimizes desktop clutter
  • Secure Shell encrypted logon, session data
  • Port forwarding secures TCP/IP data
  • VCP utility secures file transfers using SFTP.
  • Password and RSA authentication
  • AES, Twofish, Blowfish, 3DES, RC4, and DES ciphers
  • X11 forwarding