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DBQ is a generic file access system that allows the user to manipulate VOS files via SQL commands. The user can perform queries, update or delete rec ords or fields and create reports from one or more VOS files, wit hout programming
DBQ does not have any software prerequisites. Setting up DBQ to work with existing files is entirely automated and does not require any changes or modifications to the file. DBQ automatically parses a file's PL/1, COBOL or C include file or *.dd in order to understand the layout of the file to be accessed. Software Developers and End Users can take advantage of the report writer or the query facilities within minutes of the installation.
2With DBQ you can :
1Access data in VOS files, without having to write programs.
1Add relational capabilities to existing applications.
1Use standard SQL syntax to extract, update and delete any subset of records or fields in any VOS file.
1View selected data from one or more files in relational form , via an interactive screen facility.
1Create new files by joining fields from multiple files.
1Eliminate the need to program I/O in applications, by using DBQ's highly efficient, file server.
1Create standard reports automatically or customize them by simply editing a standard format.
2DBQ Features:
1Built-in Data Dictionary
1Supports Any File Type: Sequential, Fixed, Relative
1Automatic Parsing of PL/1, C, COBOL & dd file layouts
1Builin Support for ON/2 & TCAM Apple Tree files
1User Customization of Proprietary Files
1Multiple Concurrent Users
1Online & Batch Processing
1Optimization by Utilizing Indexes Automatically
2Sample Sessions :
1Simple Query & Automatic Report
1Relational Join & Custom Report
2Customer Testimonials :
1DBQ in Training
1DBQ in Finance
2DBQ Technical Description:
  DBQ consists of four program modules:
DBQS (Server/Command Processor) is a multitasking server process. Any VOS application can make SQL requests to DBQS to execute I/O operations on any native VOS file. This provides VOS app lications with many of the same benefits as a relational data base man agement system, without the performance penalty these packages impos e. Any program can act as a front end to DBQS by embedding DBQ command requests into application code. This provides relati onal access to all VOS files from within an application without any I/O coding. In addition to dramatically reduced code siz e, applications achieve data independence from the file's physi cal record layout.
DBQI (Interactive) is an online interactive application which all ows a user to issue requests to DBQS, and see the results immedi ately, in an easy to read formatted fashion. The DBQI screen is div ided into two sections. The top section is where the user enters the SQL command requests and the bottom section is where the results of the commands are displayed. It is an indispensable tool for programmers to set up test data cases, or for debug ging programs. Powerful enough that users can construct queries on their own and look at data in any way imaginable. Simple enough that users can run canned queries by simply pressing a function key. The results of any DBQ command request can be directed
to the printer for hard copy output or to the screen .
DBQR (Report Writer), in conjunction with DBQS, provides full rep ort writer capabilities. The results of any DBQ command request can be printed in a standard report format automatically. The standard report format is automatically generated by DBQ . It can be modified and enhanced using the VOS editor to prov ide an unlimited number of report styles. Once the format of a report is perfected interactively, it can be requested by any VOS application by simply embedding the appropriate DBQ command request in the application code.
DBQE (User Exit), in conjunction with DBQS, provides the customiz ation of proprietary data layouts such as S2&'s ON2 files, TCAM&'s Apple Tree, VOS VM files and any non-standard file structure . DBQE allows the
users to supply their own customized subrout ines for handling the files that
are particular to their own firms.
DBQ will speed the delivery of new systems and reduce the time and resources necessary to support or modify existing applic ations.